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T’ai chi ch’uan / Qigong

Derived from martial arts, T’ai chi ch’uan / Qigong are body movement disciplines based around continuous and circular movements done slowly and with precision. Offer your staff a relaxing moment by introducing them to this active relaxation technique which helps concentration improvement, mental alertness and memory.


Come and get acquainted with Korean relaxation and benefit from a really soothing moment. This particular technique is based on slow and gentle gestures built around undulations and vibrations from each portion of the body. In pairs, and under the guidance of a professional, participants discover, appreciate and learn simple and beneficial gestures.


Come and share an unforgettable and uplifting moment with your colleagues by participating in this aromatherapy session. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to facilitate relaxation of both mind and body. This workshop unveils the virtues of plants and participants can create their own composition entirely suited to their personal well-being.


Drawing on essential elements of meditation, yoga and relaxation, Sophrology helps to overcome fears, to release stress and to gain a sense of optimism. Participants discover the various techniques used in this alternative medicine and by doing so learn how to dissipate daily tension to attain a state of mental and physical well-being.

The art of The Nap !

Learning how to master nap-taking demands training and guidance! Twenty minutes is all that is needed for a nap to be 100% effective. Those participating in this workshop will have the opportunity to become familiar with the great benefits resulting from good quality rest; decrease in stress, enhanced memory, renewed serenity and a relaxed feeling for pursuing the day’s work to the end.


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