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Move and be moved

Mime is a comprehensive discipline which brings together theatre and corporal expression and where sensitivity and imagination are its powerful underlying vectors.Participants adopt their roles within a series of scenes created together. An excellent and stimulating activity for self-awareness, bonding with colleagues and which requires improvisation.

Energizing Rythm

Simultaneously original and creative, Body Percussion transforms yourself into an entire rhythm machine. This liberating activity needs imagination and incites participants to use unforeseen resources. Participants perfect listening to others and their synchronization to obtain a harmonious result.

Sound Together

Equipped with authentic African drums, players learn simple rhythms together. The Senegalese djembé and the voice are used, enabling everyone to gain awareness of their precious contribution to the group. By stimulating individuality and creativity, the entire group benefits by reaching rhythmic harmony and melody.

Short Cut

The aim of this activity is to make, in teams, a short 3 to 5-minute film clip on a given theme. Each group optimizes task distribution by exploiting everybody’s skills. Screenplay, location scouting, filming…. participants have to show originality, creativity and organization to raise the challenge in time for the screening.

Connecting Song

In a team, compose your very own piece of music with assistance from a professional recording studio or on the chosen premises of your company retreat. Re-interpreting songs combines both artistic and creative inspiration. Under the supervision of a great team of professionals, the Connecting Song team building workshop stimulates and develops cohesion and organizational qualities within the group.

Team Acting

Get together for a pleasant and friendly workshop to encourage, stimulate and create cohesion… Team Acting is a team building activity which raises the challenge for teams to improvise a story together on stage. Role distribution, trust and attentive listening to others all become essential ingredients needed for the story to take form and life.


Take a bold step into the All Blacks territory and get initiated to the Haka, the famous Maori dance ritual. In teams, participants create and perform a singular choreography where the individual is substituted by group entity. This animated workshop helps to generate great group dynamics and encourages determination, performance and surpassing oneself.

Shadows Video

Teams have the rare opportunity to make an animation film using Chinese shadow theatre as the medium. Following a carefully thought distribution of roles, teams put their hearts and minds together to write a scenario, create accessories, play their respective parts, film, and edit. A great way for staff to assert their personalities and to unveil their talents.

One for all, all for one !

No need whatsoever to be a star dancer to take part in this Flash Mob! A popular and punchy song, simple choreography and an hour’s rehearsal is all it takes for teams to be ready for their public performance! Here team cohesion is essential because each team member has a decisive role towards the overall success of this collective and daring challenge.

This workshop can be adapted to the making of an overdubbed video clip. Participants are filmed in one take singing the words to a song in playback mode – an imperishable and fond team memory and an elating group experience.


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