Our activities

Snow time !

Participants set off together for an easy-going snow racket trek conceived around the theme of avalanches. Equipped with a device used by rescue workers for detecting avalanche victims, their quest is to find a buried object. Back at base camp they unite their efforts to build a robust and stable igloo… but under limited time.

Snowmobile sensations

Speed off for a sensational spin in the heart of the mountains. Straddled across their snowmobiles, staff shares a magical moment motor-trekking through the fir trees. Accompanied by a guide, they discover the pleasure of winter motorsports and gain the sense of belonging to a group.

Sled dogs

Become a true musher in this invigorating and original winter adventure. Each participant harnesses their dogs and sets off to discover the thrill of driving a sled along snowbound territory. This activity demands concentration and respect towards the dogs that are united in their effort. Experience a great feeling of freedom and an instant of unification.

Mountain push-scooter speedway

Speed down the slopes on a push scooter! Under the supervision of certified instructors, participants ride a stable and easily manoeuvrable push-scooter down towards a valley, along a marked itinerary. Together staff savours the joys of downhill speed and shares a unifying experience in a sports-orientated activity.

Igloo Builders Corporation

Lucky participants are given carte blanche to build an igloo fit for Inuits, together, in teams. Groups nominate their foreman to supervise organization and oversee the project’s progress. Each team member adds their building block in positive team spirit and using their ingenuity.


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