Our activities

Mountain bike trek

En route for an energizing and unifying mountain bike rally. Teams follow an orientation trail made up of fun and general knowledge tests. Team members listen and consult each other, exchange ideas, and find solutions to the riddles as a sole group.

Segway rally

This Segway rally allows co-workers to share an incredible moment of freedom together. Aboard this modern and 100% ecologicallyfriendly vehicle, teams cruise around town in search of clues. Under limited time, participants answer a series of enigmatic puzzles where a true spirit of mutual help and challenge become the primary driving force.

Photo Rally

In teams, participants stride around town on a challenging theme-based trail. Originality and inventiveness are key in this rally which sets the players at the very heart of their achievements Depending on the site where the trail has been set up, teams take photos of the town’s indispensable sights. What better way to promote the shared pleasure of discovery ?

2CV Rally

Hit the road to discover a region by joining in this rally excursion. At the wheel of the legendary « Deudeuche », teams follow a precise itinerary along a game trail ! Team members put their heads together and share their knowledge to solve enigmas.

Quad bike trek

Experience the joy of Quad bike driving in this sports-orientated trek. At the helm of their quad bike, drivers join in to share a safe and friendly ride through small valleys and woods. An unforgettable spin for a wonderful day out !


Get closer to nature’s fauna and flora by participating in a trek combining sport and conviviality. Off the beaten track, groups venture off further to discover untouched wilderness. Trekkers stimulate their physical aptitudes and contribute to the group’s dynamics and enthusiasm.

4-Wheel drive Rally

Share a memorable, sensational and emotional moment with colleagues in the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside. At the wheel of a 4-Wheel drive vehicle, staff head out together to discover a region, its history and its terroir. Breathtaking panoramic viewpoints along the route will create the perfect setting for longlasting memories.


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