Our activities

Bicycle Factory

Put your mechanical and organisational talent in gear! Opposing teams are given a disassembled bicycle. The mission to accomplish is to entirely re-assemble it under limited time! Once the bicycles have been re-built they are tested out by the participants in various dynamic workshops. Team members have to rely upon their sense of balance, caution and coordination. This original and unifying workshop gets everyone busily involved in a common project where each individual can reveal their talents.

Solex Factory

Stopwatch in hand, teams dive into their toolboxes to completely disassemble then re-assemble a legendary French Solex. This group challenge puts their sense of analysis and organization to the test. Following the safety clearance phase, the once-in-a-lifetime mechanics go for an unforgettable fun ride !

Crafty raft !

Full speed ahead with this practical workshop where speed, ingenuity and group collaboration skills have to be carefully harnessed. Each team becomes a crew and has to create a robust and watertight raft, capable of staying afloat. Wood, cardboard, rope, inner tyre tubes…participants use their imagination to design and build their rafts. The only way to test the end result is to put the raft to use !

Get on your Roman Chariot !

Enter the arena with this creative Team Building workshop. The mission: to build, in teams, a customized Roman chariot. Each team member has a designated role assigned to him/ her in building the vehicle. Once the assembly and decoration are completed, the ultimate challenge awaits them: to win the race !

Kite-building workshop

Join this workshop to discover the Art of the Kite ! In a limited timeframe, teams create together an aesthetic flying apparatus in a style which can reflect their state of mind. Everybody contributes in their own way, with their creative imagination or with their technical know-how to make a fully flyable kite. Teams then put their creations to a flight test.

Totem Pole

Under the guidance of a professional artist, participants are introduced to Street Art. In teams, staff assembles and decorates cardboard blocks to create a company totem pole. This workshop helps to develop staff creativity and positively encourages taking initiatives whilst promoting the value of working as a group.

Hot air balloon workshop

In teams, staff builds a model hot air balloon capable of flying…. for a few minutes at least ! Achieving this wonderful and rewarding goal requires rigorous work, and everyone has to put their creativity and concentration to the test. Each element has to be carefully designed and built; basket, balloon and decoration !

All In One

In teams, staff designs a miniature golf course conceived for a golf ball to be able to travel several metres despite the obstacles encountered. Each team builds their portion which will then be assembled to the other groups’ pieces. Ingenuity, good organisation and communication are needed to successfully raise this collective challenge.


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