Our activities

Digital rallies

Come and join this interactive urban rally using a GPS to find your way ! Equipped with their tablets, participants stride across town from spot to spot on a trail of challenges and enigmas. Teams accumulate points by discovering places of interest and by taking photos and videos. Here, team creativity is the essential underlying success factor.

Urban Treasure Hunt

In teams, come and experience the charm, history and the anecdotes which make up a town by taking part in a team treasure hunt. With roadmap in hand, groups set out in search of the promised loot. The trail is scattered with clues only to be found by solving riddles and by joining in fun tests.

The Great Outdoors

Invigorate your staff in an unusual and unfamiliar natural environment. Throughout this animated evening, immersed in a friendly atmosphere, a camp fire ambience will help re-create fond childhood memories, setting the scene for participants to communicate and become better acquainted. A truly special occasion with barbeque, relaxation and conviviality.

Murder Party / Scientific investigation

Experience the extraordinary thrill of a life-size police adventure! Enter the police detective who unveils the crime scene to the budding investigators. Away they go, looking for proof to unmask the culprit and to understand his motive. This exciting game stimulates player’s reasoning and analytical powers whilst collaborating to avoid false leads.


Push your limits in our Training Camp Academy, where an outdoor sports trail provides the opportunity to demonstrate mutual assistance and is the ideal setting for surpassing oneself. In teams, participants get involved in a series of trials which are not only physical, but also creative and strategic. Each individual can put his/her specific skills to use to help energize the group and take on the challenges.

Via Ferrata

Somewhere between climbing and trekking lies the Via Ferrata, an adrenaline-enriched adventure. Roped together in small groups, teams use ladders, wooden bars and rope bridges to facilitate their ascension. With bonding solidarity they surpass their own limits and together head for the summits.

Outdoor Aventure

Share a group adventure with this unifying Team Building activity. Using a GPS tool, teams set off together in search for clues and information placed along a predefined circuit. Their trail will lead them to various points where they will participate in different workshops designed to stimulate group cohesion through individual input, working towards a common goal.


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