07 july 2015

5 ideas for a rich return after the holidays
There is a heat wave, the holidays are finally here… see the 5 pieces of advice from S&A Évènements to help you take full advantage and prepare a dynamic return!

1.  Manage your time!
It may seem strange… yet during the holidays, time more than ever, is counted!
Visits, museums, post cards, beaches… so as not to regret anything, there is one key word: take full advantage of each second to have A GOOD TIME!
If you really cannot manage to stop, do make sure that you define your free periods clearly: your family will appreciate your ‘openness’, you will be at peace and you can slip into summer laziness.

2.  Try new experiences!
Whether driving a 2cv or a Volkswagen Combi, do not hesitate to leave the beaten track to discover the wealth of France or more distant horizons. Let yourself be lulled by the complicity, the shared experience and what is new to take advantage of this veritable family trip and memorable experiences!

3.  5 minutes per day to get back into shape, to relax and to refocus yourself
Discover the benefits of Tai Chi, Sophrology and even meditation… 5 minutes to (re)discover these ancestral techniques of active relaxation that improve concentration, wake up the mind and memory.
To see as well: new individual aromatherapy booths… divine!

4.  Cooking as a family
As a couple or family, take advantage of these delicious times to create opportunities to meet, share and exchange… On the menu: creativity, organization and cohesion for small or big meals, to be done... without moderation!

5.  Switch off… intelligently!
If you feel anxious at the idea of not using your mobile phone, if the simple fact of not consulting your emails seems unimaginable, if missing the most minor news article irritates you, find out about new ways of optimizing and managing your information! Blinkfeed, Prismatic, News Republic, Feedly… whether Android or Apple, you will find the app that suits you. Objective: more efficiency to concentrate on the essential!

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